Manage Your Galleries

Redframe makes it easy for you to manage your Galleries, no matter how many Galleries you have!

Open the Gallery Manager

To open the Gallery Manager, in your Redframe Admin:

  1. Click Manage in the Top Menu.
  2. Under Images & Galleries, click Manage Your Galleries to open the Gallery Manager.

Use the Gallery Manager


Global Gallery Actions


The Global Gallery Actions Menu contains the following options:

Default Gallery Settings

Configure the default settings for your Galleries. Read Default Gallery Settings for more information.

Manage Watermark

Manage the virtual Watermark applied on all of the Large Image previews on your website. Read Add Watermarks to your Images for more information.

Enable/Disable Graphical Menu

Set whether or not to use Graphical Menus for your Galleries and Folders. Graphical Menus let you have a preview icon and short description for your Galleries and Folders in your Navigation Menu. Read Use Icons in your Navigation Menu for more information.

Enable/Disable Loading Bar

Set whether or not to display a semi-transparent loading bar at the bottom of your Galleries while the slideshow is playing. Read Turn the Gallery Loading Bar on or off for more information.

Enable/Disable Mobile Gallery

Set whether or not to use Mobile Galleries for mobile devices such as tablets and phones. Mobile Galleries are optimized for performance on touch-sensitive devices. Read Use Mobile Galleries for Mobile Devices for more information.