Create a New Gallery

Creating a beautiful new Gallery to show off your Images is easy with Redframe!

To create a new Gallery, in your Redframe Admin:

  1. Click New Gallery in the Menu Bar.


  1. Under New Galley Name, type your new Gallery’s name into the input field. Your Gallery must have a unique name; if another Gallery or Page already exists on your site, you will be given a warning and prompted to enter a different name.
  2. Click the Create New Gallery button to submit your new Gallery name. A loading spinner will appear as your new Gallery is created.


  1. Choose a Gallery Layout to use with your new Gallery. The default Gallery Layout for your website’s Theme will be automatically selected. If you want to use a different layout than the default for your new Gallery, click on one of the other Gallery Layout icons.For more information about Gallery Layouts, read Custom Gallery Layouts.
  2. When you’ve selected your new Gallery Layout, click the Next button.


  1. Your new Gallery is all set up and ready to go! Now you’ll just need to upload Images to your Gallery so that you can see it on your website. For more information about uploading Images, read Upload Images to your Gallery.