Manage Settings

Manage  Settings

Various Settings for your site including SEO, Social Media, and Music are managed under Settings as well as a few specific settings for your Header and if you want to use a Static Website Background.  This area of the Admin/Site Editor is complex and full of features and tools, and most of the areas outlined below link to the specific articles/information within the Redframe Help Center explaining each area individually for your convenience and reference. 

 To access the Settings tools in your Redframe Site Editor/Admin:
  1. Click Manage in the top menu
  2. Click Manage Settings beneath the Pages and Settings headingmanage settings


Manage Settings – SEO : Manage Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

manage seo

This area of the Admin gives access and control for the following:

  • Default SEO Information
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmasters
  • Submission of Site Maps to Search Engines
Manage your Default SEO Information:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps search engines organically find and rank your site within their search results. The idea is that the higher you rank in results, the more people can find your site, which in turn gives your more chances to convert prospective clients into buying customers.

Redframe offers 2 ways to enter SEO information for your Redframe site.

  1. SEO entry for individual Images, Galleries, and Pages (Recommended)
  2. Default entry for site wide and general SEO data

This section of the Redframe Admin/Site Editor in Manage Appearance and Settings allows for the default input of SEO info for your site. Entering Default SEO data is a good idea to get you started when first setting up your Redframe site, with the idea that, something is better than nothing.  However, Redframe highly recommends taking the time to individually enter SEO data for your pages, galleries and images if you really want to move up the SEO ladder.

Please read Important information about SEO and your Redframe Website for more information about SEO, Keywording, Meta Data, Search Engines and how to enter SEO specifically behind your Pages, Galleries and Images.

To manage your Default SEO Information when in Your Website Appearance Settings:

  1. Click SEO
  2. Click Manage your Default SEO Information
  3. Enter your Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and All Keyword as instructed in each section
  4. Click Submit Changes

Note:  Entering specific SEO data for your Images, Galleries and Pages will override the Default entries here in the Default SEO area.


                Manage your Google Analytics Account

Click here for information about using Google Analytics with your Redframe site



                Manage your Google Webmaster Tools Account

Click here for information about using Google Webmasters with your Redframe site


Submit your Site to Search Engines

If you are using Google Webmaster Tools with your Redframe Site, you should submit your Sitemap to Google via your Webmaster Tools account for indexing of your site.  However, we have provided a simple sitemap submission in the SEO to the most popular Search Engines, other than Google, and a generic Google submission if you are not using Google Webmaster Tools.

It’s not good to submit your site map repeatedly and will not speed up the process. In fact, it may actually hurt your chances of having your site indexed in a timely manner. Wait until you have finished setting up your site and editing your page, gallery and image SEO before submitting your sitemap.

It can take 4-6 weeks before the search engines finish indexing your site and your website shows up in search results.

To Submit your Sitemap to Search Engines:

  1. Click SEO
  2. Click Submit Your Site to Search Engines
  3. Check the box for the search engines you would like to submit to (we recommend selecting them all, and this will be done by default)
  4. Click Submit Site Map to Search Engines

Note: We have provided direct links to Bing/Yahoo and Google for direct entry of your site URL for Sitemap submission if you prefer.  If you use these direct links, unselect the check entry from these 3 search engines beneath ‘Where do you want to submit your Redframe website site map’?


Manage Settings – Music : Manage Music Settings

manage music 1

Click here for information about Managing your Music




Manage Settings – Settings : Manage Site Wide Settings

manage settings2

  • Website Font Control: In this area you can choose a ‘site-wide’ font for the entire site or choose a different font for the Menu, Title or Body.  There is also quick or ‘real time’ display in the Site Editor/ Appearance Editor for managing Fonts.  Click here for information about your Site Fonts.

  • Social Media Settings: Click here for information about controlling your Social Media Settings in the Manage Settings section.

  • Edit Mobile Controls:  Turning on the mobile optimized gallery will result in a different gallery system appearing when a user views your site though a mobile device. Click here for information about Using Mobile Galleries for Mobile Devices

  • Edit Custom CSS: This area is a powerful tool in custom control over your website. You have the ability to write custom css classes to alter and control the look and feel of your Redframe site. Please be advised that this area should be used only by advanced users and developers who are confident with editing raw css files.  Click here for more information about CSS


Manage Settings – Background : Site Background Manager

manage background2

There are 2 separate types of site backgrounds for your Redframe site.

  • The first is the Background Slideshow – which allows you to upload your own large format images to slideshow for your pages, and (if you choose) behind your galleries of images. The Background Slideshow is exclusively accessed via the Appearance button in the top menu‘Edit Background Slideshow’ and is controlled there for those Website Designs that come with the background slideshow already loaded. (ex: Odyssey, Waipio etc.) Click here for more information about the Background Slideshow feature.
  •  The Second type of Site Background is a ‘Static’ background option. Redframe provides you with 3 types of static backgrounds to choose from: a solid color, a gradient, or an image. With these three options you have an infinite number of ways to design the background of your website. These are site wide backgrounds and will display for every page as well as behind all galleries. Click here for information about using a Static Site Background


Manage Settings – Header : Manage Your Site Header

Your site Header holds both your Site Navigation Menu tabs (Home, Contact)  as well as your Features Menu tabs (Sign In, Favorites, Social Media Sharing)

manage header

  • Manage Header LayoutClick here  for information about Changing the Header Layout on your website  – *NOTE: There is also access to the Header Layout/ Header Styles control in the ‘Appearance Editor’ by clicking ‘Appearance’ in your top menu when in the Site Editor. However, the Features Menu controls as per below can only be accessed from here in the ‘Manage  Settings’ /Header
  • Manage Header Features   **Click here for information about the different Features available for your website and how to use and manage those Features  **Click here for information about changing the location of your Features Menu
  • Manage Header Navigation – This area allows you to change the position of the Menu Navigation as it relates to the Header and/or Logo as well as a few  options for animation for your Navigation Sub-menu displays