Change the location of your Features Menu

The Features Menu contains the buttons/access to your Favorites, Sign In, among others, and can either be positioned in your site’s header or as a floating panel fixed to the side of your site.  You can change the position of the Feature’s Menu in the Appearance Editor or in Manage Settings.

  • If you choose ‘Header’, your features menu will be contained inside your site’s header.
  • If you choose ‘Fixed Side’, your features menu will be a floating panel fixed to the side of your site.feature menu position


Via Appearance Editor:

  1. Click Appearance in the Menu Barto open the Appearance Editor.
  2. Click the Header Styles tab.
  3. Check mark the  Fixed Side Feature Menu if you want the feature menu to show fixed to the side of your site
  4. Click Save Changes to apply the new settings

Via Manage Settings:

  1. Click the Manage button in your Menu Bar.
  2. Under Pages & Settings, click Manage Settings.
  3. Click the Header tab.
  4. Click the Manage Header Features button to reveal the Features settings.
  5. In the Menu Position setting, click either Header or Fixed Side.
  6. Click the Submit Changes button to apply your changes.