Enable and disable Features on your Website

Redframe offers the following powerful Features for you to use on your website. You can have any of these Features activated or deactivated; however, certain Features rely on the Sign In Feature being active.

  • Sign In: Allows your Customers to register an account with your site. Customer who sign in can access Private Galleries, save Favorite images, and add items to their Shopping Cart. For more information about Sign In, see Using the Sign In Feature.
  • Search: Allows your Customers to search your site for Images. Images are searchable by Name, Caption, and Keywords. For more information about Search, see Using the Search Feature.
  • Favorites: Allows your Customers to save their favorite Images of yours to their Favorite Images area, which they can later use to request quotes, add to their Shopping Cart, or share over Social Media. Customers cannot download your images from their Favorites area. You MUST have the Sign In feature enabled to use Favorites. For more information about Favorites, see Using the Favorites Feature.
  • Social Media Sharing: Allows your Customers to easily share your Pages, Galleries, and Images on their favorite Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more. Only small versions of your Images are shared, and the shares always link back to your website. For more information about Social Media Sharing, see Using the Social Media Sharing Feature.
  • Shopping Cart: Allows your Customers to purchase prints of your Images directly from your website. You MUST have the Sign In feature enabled to use the Shopping Cart. If you a Shopping Cart set up and your Features Menu is enabled, it will always show up in your Features Menu. For more information about the Shopping Cart, see Using the Shopping Cart Feature.
  • Download Dock: Allows your Customers to download files from your website using secret Download Dock keys that you provide. Customers are not required to sign in to use this feature, making it great for sharing certain files with large groups without requiring registration. Your Download Dock can appear in your Features Menu or your Navigation Menu (see Changing the location of your Download Dock). For more information about the Download Dock, see Using the Download Dock Feature.

To change which of Redframe’s Features are enabled in your Redframe Admin:

  1. Click  Manage in the Menu Bar.
  2. Under Pages & Settings, click Manage Settings.
  3. Click the Header tab.
  4. Click the Manage Header Features button to reveal the Features settings.
  5. In the Enable Search setting, click either ON or OFF.
  6. In the Enable Sign In & Private Galleries setting, click either ON or OFF.
  7. In the Enable Favorites setting, click either ON or OFF.
  8. In the Enable Social Media Sharing settings, click either ON or OFF.
  9. Click the Submit Changes button to apply your new Features settings.

To enable or disable the Download Dock, please see Using the Download Dock Feature.

To enable or disable the Shopping Cart, please see Using the Shopping Cart Feature.