Use the Social Media Sharing Feature

About Social Media Sharing

Let’s face it, these days some of the best free advertising you can get is from a great post on one of your customer’s Facebook page.  Social Media Sharing is important to your business, and you can use the Social Media Sharing feature with your Redframe site to get the exposure that is vital to your business. This is a global feature that is turned on or off in the “Appearance and Settings” area of the admin. When “on” it allows a person visiting the site to share parts of the site (like pages and images) that they like with their social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and email. Using the feature does not require you to enter any Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest information from/for your account. If a person visiting the site clicks these “share” buttons, it will post the Redframe website page or image on THEIR (the site visitor)  wall/timeline/board etc of the various sites or they can can email the information.

NOTE: The visitor must be logged into the various social accounts in order to share – if they are not logged in or do not have the info cached, our site would have no way to tell who they are and would not be able to “share”.


When enabled, your customers will find the Share button in the Features Menu, indicated by a + icon or the Facebook and LinkedIn Icons on your Redframe siteshare icon

share feature menu

When clicked the following pop-up will appear and they can choose which social media they want to share your site. share social media

To enable Social Media Sharing in your Redframe Admin/Site Editor:

1. Click ‘Manage’ in your Top Menu

2. Click ‘Manage Settings’

3 Click ‘Header’ manage header     4. Click ‘Manage Header Features’

header 2     5. Next to ‘Enable Social Media Sharing?’ click ‘On’

enable social media sharing     6. Click ‘Submit Changes’