Use the Sign In Feature

The Sign In Feature on your Redframe Website is part of the great customer service experience that you can offer.

Here are a few examples of the way the Sign In feature can be used by both you and your customers with your Redframe site.

Customer or New Visitor to the Site: A  visitor to your site can ‘sign in’ and then register to create an account on your site.  When a customer logs in, they are not only giving you some of their contact information, but also by ‘signing in’ they can then use the Favorites Feature.  When you receive an email that someone has registered or created an account, it’s a notification that someone visited your site and pressed the “Sign In” button, then the “register” button, and registered. Favorites users have to be registered with a username and password so that the system can keep track of and save their selections.  For more information about the Favorites Feature, click here.

Private Gallery Access: To access private galleries you have set up for a client, they must Sign In with the correct username and password either you have set up when creating their customer account during private gallery set-up or via an account they set up by originally signing in and registering on the site.   You as the site administrator can assign private galleries to any customer account whether it was created by the customer signing in and creating their account on the website, or whether you created the account in the ‘Mange Your Customers’ area of the Admin/site Editor.  For more information about how to use the Sign In feature to Manage your Customers and the Private Gallery feature, click here.

The Sign in Feature is part of your Features Menu and is controlled via the Header settings in your Redframe site admin/editor Manage Appearance and Settings area.

To turn the sign in button on or off, in your site admin/editor:

1. Click Manage  – then Manage Settings from the Top Menu drop down from either the Admin dashboard or Real-Time Website Editor area.
2. Click Header
manage header
3. Click Manage Header Feature
4. Next to Enable Sign In and Private Galleries? choose ‘On’ to turn the feature on and ‘Off’ to turn it off
5. click Submit Changes to ensure your information is applied