Use custom CSS to change your website’s appearance

PLEASE NOTE: The Custom CSS area is best for ADVANCED USERS ONLY. We recommend you have extensive experience with editing raw CSS files if you plan to use this area of your Admin. We do not offer support for CSS, nor if you enter your own code, and it doesn’t appear correctly, or you cause malfunction of your site, we will not ‘fix’ it for you. If this occurs it is probably best to rest to default css.
For those comfortable and confident with CSS,  this is a powerful tool useful to make your site unique and exclusively customizable beyond the WYSIWYG controls offered.
To Access the custom css :
1. Roll your mouse over Manage and click Manage Settings from the drop down menu beneath Pages and Settings
2. Click Settings then click Edit Custom CSS
3. Choose from the CSS Quick Snippets we have provided for your convenience, or insert your own, in order to alter the desired area of your site.
4. When finished entering your code in the text box, click ‘Update Custom CSS