How do I send multiple files in a file transfer

Redframe’s File Transfer only lets you upload a single file at a time per transfer.

To send multiple files in a single file transfer, you can compress multiple files into a single ZIP file and then upload that ZIP file. Your clients will then be able to unpack the ZIP file on their computer and access the multiple files within.

How to make a ZIP file on Windows

How to make a ZIP file on Mac OS X

For more information about how to create a file transfer and use the Download Dock, please read Use the Download Dock Feature to send files to your Customers.


Is there a fee for PayPal service?

PayPal offers a business account called “Website Payment Standard” that is free. Just go to and set up a Business account. They take a fee per transaction for their service. It is affordable and works out to be less than if you had your own merchant account.

PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

How do I know that an order has been placed?

You are automatically notified via email by PayPal that an order has been placed and all the particulars of that order are shown. Your customer will also receive an email receipt.

You can then arrange for printing or downloading the image.

To check your orders, log into your Paypal account and go to the “History” section.

You will also be able to see an order in your admin if IPN has been set up correctly.

How do I add sales tax and shipping charges?

Your PayPal account can be set to automatically calculate and charge shipping and/or sales tax.

To view or modify your sales tax and shipping charges:

1. log in to your PayPal account at 
2. go to the “My Account” tab
3. click the “Profile” subtab
4. in the Selling Preferences column, click either “Sales Tax” or “Set up Shipping Calculations”
5. follow the instructions that come up
6. be sure to use “Total item quantity” or “Total order amount” as the shipping rate, rather than “Total order weight”

How do I get paid?

When a person purchases a photo, PayPal will transfer the funds to you according to the method you choose when you open your Paypal account. Usually, this is by transfer from the sale directly into your bank account, after deducting their transaction fees.

Do I have to use PayPal?

If one of your customers orders through the Online Store the payment will always be processed through PayPal.

In some cases our clients do not enable the PayPal shopping cart and use the “request a price quote” feature.

If you did this, customer requests would be sent to you via e-mail. You would then provide a price quote and payment method to your customers. If you go this route, you would need your own method of processing credit cards.

Does a customer have to have a paypal account to place an order?

Any customer of yours can currently use your shopping cart and check out using a major credit or debit card. They do not have to be signed up for PayPal services.

You need to be signed up with PayPal so you can receive payment, but you customers do not need to be signed up to place an order.

How much does PayPal charge for processing an order?

The fee depends on what type of account you set up with them and where you live (out of USA fees are higher). You will need to go to PayPal site with your specific information.

PayPal has a “Websites Payment Standard” account that is free. They take a fee per transaction for their service. It is affordable and works out to be less than if you had your own merchant account.

The PayPal receipt is not showing the item size or pricing description

If your PayPal receipt is not showing the item size or pricing description it is likely because you used a special character in your pricing.

You will need to redo your pricing and do not use special characters.

For example; 8×10 will work, but 8″x10″ will not. Paypal can not recognize the character and will cut off everything that appears afterward.

Special characters to avoid are: “‘/|?:*<>#&+%

Why are my users required to create a PayPal account when using my shopping cart?

Your PayPal account can be set so that users are not required to create an account to make a purchase:

1. log in to your PayPal account at
2. go to the “My Account” tab
3. click “Profile” subtab
4. click “My selling tools” on the left hand side
5. click “Update” next to “Payment Preferences”
6. scroll down to “PayPal Account Optional” and click “ON”
7. click “Save”

How do I see the Gallery name in the order details with the filename?

There is a limitation on the PayPal shopping cart that does not allow us to send over the gallery name, only the image name. Many of our clients name their images with a gallery prefix in order to easily locate the image sold.

To find a particular image from your site, click “manage Images” in your admin. On the right, you will see a search box, where you can enter the image name and then click “search”.

Instant Payment Notification Preferences does not show up in PayPal

If the “Instant Payment Notification Preferences” link does not show up under the “Selling Preferences” column in PayPal, it means that you do not have a Business Account with PayPal.

It is easy to upgrade to a Business Account, there should be a link in your PayPal admin that says “Upgrade to a Business Account”.

Please click this link and complete the necessary information. When your account has been converted to a Business Account, the “Instant Payment Notification Preferences” link will become available to you.

Do I need to change my IPN URL in PayPal because I applied my own domain name?

If you have set up IPN using the URL with your subdomain name, you do not need to change that information if you apply your own domain name.

On the other hand, if you set up IPN using the URL with your domain name and you unapply your domain name or your domain name expires then IPN will not work. Due to this, we recommend that you use your  Redframe name URL when setting up IPN.

Is there a way I can sell via a merchant facility rather than simply just PayPal? I would like to offer both services if possible.

There is no plan to add direct merchant lines. This would be a very difficult bit of programming due to the large number of merchant companies out there.

Also it would likely require us to set each unique account up by hand. This can be a time-consuming process and we’d have to charge a bit for it. Therefore some of the things we pride ourselves on – low cost, ease-of-use, no additional or hidden fees, build it yourself – would be diminished and take away from the automation of our service.

The good news is that your clients don’t need a PayPal account to pay. They can just go through PayPal and enter their credit card like it was a regular merchant account. I personally don’t have a PayPal account but pay through PayPal in the manner just mentioned when I come across a website that uses PayPal.

One thing you could do is add a page that explains the use of PayPal. It’s easy to use, ubiquitous in the U.S., things like that.

Another nice fact for you is that PayPal is so much lower cost than setting up a merchant account. No annual SSL to pay for, programming fees, and merchant accounts cost between 30 to 40 dollars (U.S.) per month before you even make one sale. And when you make a sale you pay them additional fees per sale.

I enabled IPN but did not enter the correct URL, can I resend the IPN notifications?

If IPN has been enabled but the IPN URL was entered incorrectly, you can correct the IPN URL and resend their IPN messages from the PayPal administration pages.

Orders that are up to 28 days old may be resent. Any orders older than that will not be available. Orders that are available for resend can be found in PayPal:

under the “My Account” tab, click “History”, then “IPN History”

If IPN was not enabled at the time the order was placed, then the order details can not be resent.

I purchased an SSL certificate and want to add the logo to my site

It is not necessary or possible to use your SSL certificate with your Redframe website. SSL certificates are used to ensure secure transactions, and your Redframe website transactions are secured by PayPal.

Your credit card transactions are secure with Redframe. We use a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. We do not store credit card information on our servers. All transactions are processed by

Please see for further information.

How do I create a products page for other items such as mugs, mousepads, etc.?

Many of our clients sell mugs, mousepads, etc. with images printed on them.

It can be done by adding the item to the gallery pricing. For example:

Wallet size $10
4×6 $5
5×7 $10
8×10 $15
mug $18
mousepad $12

Although potential customers don’t actually get to see the product, it has worked in the past.

You could also create a page or gallery called Mugs or Other Products and show what the actually product looks like.

Will I be able to sell the choice of color, black & white or sepia?

Yes, you can sell any images that you like. We do not have an automated way for a customer to choose between color, black & white or sepia, so you will need to upload each of the 3 choices if you want your client to see them.

Alternatively, you can upload the image in color for example, but offer black and white or sepia options in your shopping cart.

How do I price an image individually?

1. click “Manage”
2. click “Create & Manage Your Store”
3. click “Apply Pricing” tab
4. click “Manage Image Prices” link
5. click the gallery that contains the image you want to price
6. choose “Per Image Cart Options” in the drop down next to “Image Pricing”
7. click “add/edit products” below the image
8. click “Add new product to this image” – repeat as many times as necessary
9. click “Submit Change”
10. close the window

Can I offer coupons or discounts?


Managing Coupons
To create or change coupons in the your online store:

1. click “Manage”
2. click “Create & Manage Store”
3. click “Packages/Coupons”
4. click “Manage Coupons”
5. click “Create a New Coupon”
6. enter a name for the coupon. This is a name to be used by you in your admin, in order to keep your coupons separated.
7. enter a code for the coupon. This is an alpha/numeric combination of your choice, that will be entered by your clients in order to receive the discount. We recommend using a short code, so it is easy for your clients to remember and enter.
8. select discount type and amount.
a. (%) percent discount will reduce the price of your clients total order by the percentage entered here. For example, 15% off your total order.
b. ($) amount discount will reduce the price of your clients total order by the dollar amount entered here. For example, $10 off any order over $100.
9. the “Minimum Purchase Amount” field is optional and allows you to set a minimum order total in order for the client to receive the discount. If the total order does not meet this minimum amount, the discount can not be used.
10. the “Expiration Date” field is optional and allows you to set a date through which the coupon is valid.
11. the “Internal Notes” field is optional and will only be seen by you in your admin.
12. click “create new coupon”

How do I add a description to my items for sale?

To add a description to an existing product:

1. click “Manage”
2. click “Create & Manage Store”
3. click “Master Products List”
4. on the right under “Edit an Existing Product”, you will see the “Description” field. Click the link called “Click to Edit”
5. enter the product description
6. click “submit description changes”

For more detail view Master Products List article in knowledge base.