Master Products List

Note: This is step 2 of 4 in the process of setting up your online store. You’ll need to complete Step 1 – Turning on your Online Store before proceeding with this step. Once you have added items to your Master Products List, you are then ready to create Price Lists (Step 3).

The Master Products List is general inventory of all items you wish to sell with you online store. It is pre-filled with many items applicable to photography sales but it is very easy to add or edit items on the list.

Editing the Master Products List:

To access Price Lists in the Store Manager, in your Redframe Admin:

1.Click Manage in the Top Menu.

2.Under Store & Customers, click Create & Manage Your Store to open the Store Manager.

3.Click on the “Master Products List” tab.

RedFrame Admin products 1

4.Enter the Name of Your new option. Examples are: 5×7, 8×10, wallet size, digital download, etc.

  • 4b. Choose the product category from the drop.down menu. You can edit the product categories by clicking on the “edit” link directly above the category drop down menu.
  • 4c. You can enter a more detailed description of your product in this section.

RedFrame Admin products 2
5.Click “Submit New Product“.

6.Repeat as many times as needed to enter all the items you wish to sell.

Once you have edited your Master Products List, you are then ready move to step 3 of setting up your store. Creating price lists.