Add SEO to your Images

Redframe makes it easy to add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information to your Images.

  • Open the Image Manager (see Manage Your Images).
  • Click on the Image you want to edit, then click edit-image-icon to open the Image Editor.
  • Under Rename, type a short but descriptive name for your Image, the click Update Name. Your Image’s actual file name will not change, but the name displayed over the Large Image preview (see Advanced Gallery Settings) along with the URL to your image will change. Giving your Images good names will help search engines find the right Images.
  • Under Edit Caption and Keywords, enter a descriptive caption for your Image, then click Update Caption and Keywords. This information is displayed over the Large Image preview in your Galleries, if enabled (see Advanced Gallery Settings). This information is also used by search engines to describe your Image in their search results.
  • Under Edit Caption and Keywords, enter a list of keywords that describe the Image, separated by commas (,). For example: green, model, woman, vogue, fashion. When you are finished, click Update Caption and Keywords. This information is used by the Search Feature on your website (see Use the Search Feature) to find Images. This information is also used by search engines to match your Images to search terms.

Hidden Image Names and Captions

Even if you set your Images Names and Captions as hidden through Advanced Gallery Settings, your names and captions will still be included into the META tags and HTML content of your Galleries. This helps search engines recognize and index your images without ruining the visual aesthetic of your website. Therefore, it is very important that you apply descriptive image names, captions, and keywords to your Image in order to achieve the best SEO results for your website.

Important info about SEO

For more information about how SEO works on your Redframe website, please read Important info about SEO and your Redframe website.