Use Keywords with your Images

Redframe utilizes a powerful Image Keywords feature to organize your Images, search your Galleries, and optimize your website for search engines.

Add Keywords to your Images

There are three ways to add or edit Image Keywords (click a link below to read more):

  1. Use the Image Editor to edit Image Keywords individually
  2. Use Bulk Image Actions to apply Keywords to a group of Images
  3. Use photography software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture to prepare you Image prior to upload.

How Keywords Are Used

Keyword Button

The Keyword Button appears above all Gallery Images in the Image Nav Menu. Click on  keywords-button to open the Keywords Panel, which shows all the Keywords for the current Image.keywords-panel

Click on a Keyword to go to the Search Gallery for that Keyword.

Search Galleries

When a Customer searches for an Image on your website using the Search Feature, the Images with Keywords matching the Search Terms are shown inside a Search Gallery. This same Gallery is used with the Keyword Button to show Images that match the selected Keyword.


For more information on how to set up the Search Feature on your website, read Use the Search Feature to search your Images.

Search Engine Optimization

Even if you choose to hide your Keywords in your Galleries, your Image Keywords are still used behind-the-scenes for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For more information on how Redframe uses Keywords and other settings to optimize your website for search engines, read Important info about SEO and your Redframe website.