New Domain Submission DNS Instructions – Nameservers

DNS Instructions – for entering Nameservers at your Domain Host to use your domain name with your hosted Redframe site.

If you have email attached to your domain STOP!

  • If you are also using an email account with your domain name, such as, please STOP here and notify Support you have an email in use with the domain name, and let us know what the email is and who is your email provider.  Support will send you different instructions for DNS changes to ensure there is no interruption of your email. Please reply to your domain support ticket created when you submitted your domain name with the following:  I am using email with this domain.  Please send me DNS Domain AND Email instructions

Otherwise – continue on your way!


Entering DNS Records at your Domain Registrar/Host

Generic Instructions for Nameserver entry (if you do not see your domain host listed below in the PDF links)

Follow the instructions below within your Domain Host/Registrar account to enter in Nameservers

To point your domain to the Redframe/ifp3 servers you will need to enter what are called Nameservers. If you log into your domain account (where you bought your domain name) you should find a link that refers to DNS settings.

Please change your Nameservers to:

Contact Support and let us know you have entered Nameservers.

Domain Hosts – Nameserver Record Entry Instructions PDF