March 2016 – IFP3 Post File Server Restore Steps

The Following Steps are for IFP3 clients with websites Affected By the recent file server outage

If your IFP3 website was affected by the File server Outage from March 10, 2016 please read below.

1. If you were unaware that your site was affected then it probably was not. Nothing to see here.

2. If your site was affected but decided to leave things be and wait for the files to be restored.  Please check your site to see if everything is as you expect it to be. It should be in the state that it was prior to the file server outage.

3. If your site was affected by missing files and you made edits during the past week please continue reading. As all files are restored we have made a decision to revert the sites affected to the state they were just prior to the file server outage. Any changes that you made in the interim will probably be overwritten. There are a few exceptions to the universal overwrite.

  • If you  changed or added new images to your page backgrounds, these changes will remain and will need to be changed manually.
  • If you made edits to any of your pages, these will be overwritten and disappear. The page text will appear as it did prior to the file server outage. We realize this might not be what you were wanting to happen and apologize for this.

We sincerely apologize for the frustration that the file server outage has caused to you and we are very thankful for all your patience and understanding.

If you are using the Redframe Platform please view this message.