Important info about your Uploaded Logo image

What’s the best file type to use?

We suggest that you save your Logo file as a transparent PNG as this will give you the most flexibility with background images and colors. Most of Redframe’s themes use semi-transparent backgrounds so that your website’s background partially shows through. If you use a JPG file or a PNG with a solid background, your Logo won’t blend in as nicely with the Header background.

Transparent vs. opaque PNGs as Logos on a Redframe site

Transparent vs. opaque PNGs as Logos on a Redframe site – notice how using transparency helps your Logo blend into the site.

You can also upload JPG files, but your website background behind the Logo will be blocked out. This works out fine if your JPG background is black and your site background is black, but not if your JPG background is black and you switch to a white theme.

What are the best dimensions for a logo?

For best results, try to keep your image 50-75 pixels high and 600 pixels or less wide. Anything larger can stretch out your header and navigation and less appealing on a lower resolution monitor or device. Redframe’s animations will automatically scale and resize your Logo to fit certain Header and Gallery layouts, but these animations are optimized for Logos that are approximately these best dimensions.

Depending on your Header layout, Redframe will automatically apply resize animations to your Logo as you move around your website. When web browsers resize an image, sometimes aliasing can occur, which causes your Logo to have slightly jagged edges along diagonal lines. Most modern browsers will apply appropriate anti-aliasing filters to correct the problem, but this will be evident in older browsers.

The A on the left shows aliasing. The A on the right is corrected through an anti-aliasing filter.

To get the best results out of Redframe’s animations, you can optimize your Logo to minimize aliasing by uploading your Logo with the following dimensions depending upon the layout of your Header on your website:

  • Native Header:
    best dimensions 200px x 75px
    max dimensions: 600px x 250px*
  • Top Fixed Header:
    best dimensions: 200px x 50px
    max dimensions: 600px x 250px*
  • Left Fixed Header & Right Fixed Header:
    best dimensions: 250px x 50px
    max dimensions: 250px x 250px*

*Max dimensions are imposed by Redframe’s animation engine. You can upload an image of any size and Redframe will try to resize it to fit. Please contact Redframe Support if you find problems with you Logo image.

If you need help uploading your image file, read Uploading your own Logo.

If you need help positioning your Logo in your Header, read Changing the position of the Logo or Title in your Header.