Edit your Default Logo/Company Name

About your Logo/Company Name

Initially, your Logo will display in the Header of your Site and is the original name you signed up for your Free Trial, such as My Cool Redframe Site – which then became your Redframe subdomain name URL or MyCoolRedframeSite.redframe.com.  This acts as your initial Company Name – and  also displays as your copyright text in the footer of your site.

You can create your own Logo in photo editing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator and upload it to your Redframe website.  Click here for more information about uploading a custom Logo PNG to your Redframe site and we encourage you to read Important Info about your Logo Image if you do so.

If you do not want to upload your own PNG image Logo, but want to edit your current Logo/Company Name text, (this text also displays in the Footer of the site as the Copyright) or Change the Color or Font of the Logo, this can be done in the Appearance Editor.

To change the Default Logo/Company Name Text:
  1.  Click Appearance in the Top Menu Bar
  2. Click Manage your Website Logo
  3. Edit the text under the Update Your Company Name? text  box
  4. Click Submit Changes
To Change the Font of your Logo/Company Name
  1. Click Appearance in the Top Menu Bar
  2. Click Font Control
  3. Choose a different font for Title Fonts – please note: this will also change other title fonts for your site.  To see other examples of Title Fonts click the info button
  4. Click Save Changes button

company name font


To Change the Color of your Logo/Company Name
  1. Click Appearance in the Top Menu
  2. Click Color Styles
  3. Browse and try a few different color styles that will meet your needs for coloration for the Logo as well as other color settings.
  4. Click Save Changes to save or apply the color settings to your websitecolor styles