DNS Record Change Request Instructions – Nameservers

Welcome to Ifp3/Redframe Customer Support Instructions for changing your DNS Nameservers for your Domain Name applied to your website.

If you reached this page, we sent you an action requested email requesting that you change the current DNS entries at your Domain host/registrar for your domain name (ex: JoePhoto.com)  in use with your ifp3 or Redframe hosted website

  • NOTE  If you are also using an email account with your domain name, such as Joe@JoePhoto.com, please STOP here and notify Support you have an email in use with the domain name, and let us know what the email is and who is your email provider.  Support will send you different instructions for DNS changes to ensure there is no interruption of your email.  Click here to open a support ticket
Otherwise – continue on your way!

Entering DNS Nameservers at your Domain Registrar/Host

Please follow the below 3 easy steps to change your DNS Nameservers at your domain host/registrar.

Note: See below links to PDF’s with step by step instructions to change Nameservers within specific domain host/registrars interfaces, such as Godaddy, DirectNic etc.  IF your domain host is not listed  – proceed with the following generic instructions

  1.   Login to your Domain Registrar and locate your DNS/Namesever area. To point your domain to the Redframe/ifp3 servers you will  need to enter what are called Nameservers. If you log into your domain account (where you bought your domain name) you should find a link that refers to DNS settings
  2.    Please change your Nameservers to:   ns1.ifp3.com    ns2.ifp3.com
  3. Contact ifp3/Redframe Support that Nameserver entry has been completed per our DNS request email. Click here to open a support ticket

Please allow 1-2 hours for the Nameserver entries to update.  If your site stops working for more than an hour, please contact support.

Domain Hosts – Nameserver Record Entry Instructions PDF

* We do our best to keep these instructions updated.

If you have any questions, then please  Contact Support