Create a Custom Sidebar

About Sidebars

The Sidebar is a container that is used to hold your sidebar widgets. Not all Website Designs will  use or come pre-loaded with a Sidebar, (ex: Odyssey, Waipio, Element etc)  as the page layouts may not look good with a Sidebar added.  However, you can add a sidebar to any Website design if you so choose.

The Custom Sidebar  is a Sidebar you create to display widgets on one specific Page, such as your Homepage, but you do not want to display the Sidebar on any other pages of your site.

To create a Custom Sidebar via Site Editor:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to add a sidebar to – Click Edit This Page and then Sidebar from the drop down menu in your Site Editor Top Menu.
  2. Click Add a Custom sidebar Unique to this page
  3. Choose if you want to display the Sidebar on the left or the right of the page and the width of the Sidebar.  The default is 1/4 – meaning 1/4 of the main page.
  4. If you uncheck the Sidebar On Setting, this allows you to add the sidebar, but not have it display until you have finished inserting and setting up your Widgets properly. Be sure you remember to turn your Sidebar on later after entering your Widgets.
  5. Click Add your Sidebarsidebar position

You are now ready to start adding Widgets to your Custom Sidebar in the Sidebar Widget Editor.sidebar widget editor

  • To insert a widget into your sidebar, click on a widget to the left to add it to the right side.
  • Once added, you can drag and drop widgets to set their order.
  • Once a widget is activated by moving it over into the right hand side of the page, you will need to set it up by clicking “Edit”. Each widget has unique requirements and set up options.

Click Here for more detailed information about Widgets, how to use/add/organize them within your Page Sidebar