Domain Instructions – A Records – Alternative DNS Method

Entering A Records (alternative DNS method) at your Domain Registrar/Host

Attention: Please only use this method for applying your Domain Name to your Redframe website if you have been suggested to do so by a member of the Support Team. This is an alternative method for those that are having problems with the preferred method of Nameserver and MX record updates.
A Record Entry

In your domain registrar’s control panel please change or add the following 2 – A records:

  • @ or *    –  (can also be indicated by a blank in front of the domain name). Change/Add IP address to

  • www     – . Change/Add IP address to

  • Important: If a CNAME record exist for www it will need to be deleted. The www record must only exist as an A Record.


  • Any other A records listed do not need to be updated

  • Let us know when you have made these changes.

If you would like our assistance, you can send us the username and password to your domain host and we will make the changes for you.


 PDF instructions for entering A records at specific Domain Hosts