Menu Editor – Organize Pages and Galleries in your Navigation Menu

About the Menu Editor:

Your navigation menu text buttons are controlled from your Redframe Admin/Site Editor with the website Menu Editor feature. website nav


The Menu Editor feature allows you to drag and drop items into place in the order you would like them to appear in the navigation menu on your site. You have a total of 7 buttons you can manipulate for your Website Navigation for placement of Pages (both internal and external), Folders and Galleries. You can place as many pages, galleries or folders as you like beneath the Menu buttons which appear as drop down menus.  However, if you have mass amounts of Galleries, we highly encourage you to use the Folder and Sub-folder feature to help organize your galleries and avoid huge drop down listings of galleries on your site navigation menu.   Click here for information about Organizing your Galleries into Folders.

The 7 Navigation buttons are denoted as Column 1, Column 2, etc in the Menu Editor.  Pages are always blue with the white ‘page’ icon.  Folders have a  yellow ‘folder’ icon and Galleries have a ‘2-image’ icon and are usually grey in color.  (Note: You must always have at least one item in Column 1, and we have placed the Homepage in this spot by default, as its natural position would be the first navigation button when reading left to right on your site.)menu editor 1

To  use the Menu Editor and Change the order in which single Folders, Galleries or Pages appear on your Redframe :

  1.  Click ‘Appearance’ in the Top Menu
  2.  Click “Edit Your Website Menu”
  3. menu editor Drag and Drop the Folder, Gallery or Page into the desired location.  (NOTE : If you have only one item in a column, the title will be the name of the item (gallery or page) in the column. If you have more than one item in a column, a text box appears to enter a title for that column. If you have placed 2 items in a column, the default text is ‘Menu’.)
    1. menu editor 2To edit the text for the title of a column (the name of the Menu Button) from Menu to something else,  click into the desired column  text box and enter/ replace existing text with your new title – ex: Information as shown belowmenu editor 3
    2. When you are done making changes, click ‘Save and View’ – there is no ‘save’ button and your changes will auto update

    You can also drag and drop entire columns of pages or folders/galleries into a different order from within the Menu Editor.

  1. Place your mouse above the heading of the column you want to move.  A symbol with arrows crossing will appear.
  2. Left click to grab the column with your mouse to ‘pick up’ the column and then drag vertically and drop the column into the desired location


NOTE : There is also access to the ‘Menu Editor’  by clicking Edit Menu under Manage and within the ‘Manage Your Galleries’ area .