Manage Your Pages

To open the Page Manager in your Redframe Admin:

1. Click ‘Manage’ in the Top Menu
2. Under ‘Pages & Appearance’ click ‘Manage Your Pages’ to open the Page Manager

Use the Page Manager:
manage your pages

  • Click add a new page to create a new page
  • Click external page to link a blog, calendar, survey or other exterior page to Your Redframe site
  • Click menu editor3 to edit your website’s Navigation Menu (see Organize Pages and Galleries in your Navigation Menu)

    Manage your pages 21. Click ‘Edit’ to make changes to an existing page.  This will bring you to the Page Editor
    2. Click ‘Rename’ to rename the name of the page.  * You can Rename your homepage, but you cannot delete it
    3. Click ‘SEO’ to enter Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords
    4. Click ‘Link’ to view the URL for this page
    5. Click delete-gallery-button to Delete a Page (you cannot delete your home page)
    6.  Click ‘Turn off’ or ‘Turn On’ to activate or deactivate pages on your site.