Log out of your Redframe Admin/Site Editor

About Logging Out of your Redframe Admin/Site Editor

There are only 2 reasons you should need to log out of your Redframe Admin/Site Editor :

1. You are working from a public or shared computer, and logging out is necessary for you to avoid access to your admin/personal information by a non-authorized user.

2. You have multiple sites/accounts with Redframe.com.  If this is the case, it is imperative you log out of your different site’s admin/site editor after working within to ensure your browser does not auto-log you into the previous admin/site editor when returning to admin.redframe.com .  When initially logging in, your browser usually automatically ‘caches’ the login page and saves the info for you as a convenience and to save you having to log in each time you visit admin.redframe.com.  However, if you don’t notice what site you are logged into when returning to admin.redframe.com and did not previously Log Out, you might make edits/upload images to the wrong site by accident.

Otherwise, Redframe and your browser will cache the login page and info at admin.redframe.com and leave you ‘logged in’ to your Admin/site Editor for quick and easy access when you want to edit the site, upload new images, manage a customer account etc.

To Log out of your Redframe Admin:

  1. Roll or Hover your mouse over Your Name in the Top Menu
  2. Click Log Out from the drop down that appears
  3. Click Log Out for the ‘Are you sure you want to logout?’ promptlogout prompt