Turn a Page on or off

Redframe gives you the option to turn your Pages on or off.

To turn a Page on or off, in your Redframe Admin:

  1. Click Manage in the Top Menu.
  2. Under Pages & Appearance, click Manage Your Pages.
  3. Scroll to the Page you want to change.
    • If the Page is currently active, click the Turn Off button to deactivate the Page.
    • If the Page is currently inactive, click the Turn On button to activate the Page.

Turning off a Page removes the Page from your Navigation Menu and prevents access to it on your website, but doesn’t discard the Page’s content or settings. This is useful if you have a Page that is under construction, or if you have a Page that you only want active at certain times (special promotions, events, etc).

Turning on a Page adds the Page to your Navigation Menu and allows access to it on your website. When a Page is turned on, it is always automatically added to the 7th column of your Navigation Menu. For more information on how to organize your Navigation Menu, read Organize Pages and Galleries in your Nav Menu.