Using your own domain name with your Redframe website

If you would like to use your own Domain name with your Redframe site, you will need to already own a domain or register a new one with a registrar such as,  which is an excellent domain host and we highly recommend.  Please note: Redframe does not sell/register/host domain names.

You can use your registered domain name as your Redframe site URL/web address Free of Charge with Redframe.   When the process is complete, your customers will be able to reach your site using either your Domain name or your original sub-domain name containing

If you are still on your Free Trial,  you can choose the Domain option during your Subscription Payment process by clicking the radial button next to Use Your Own Domain Name (see example image below) and follow the prompts to complete your Subscription Payment.  Please note, a domain name cannot be applied during the Free Trial period.

If you are a Existing Subscriber and would like to have a domain name applied to your Redframe site to use as the URL/Web Address, follow the instructions below.

Once you have submitted your Domain Name via your admin, you will receive a Support Ticket email from Redframe Support within 24 hours confirming the Domain Name has been received,  and information and instruction to begin the domain process.  Please use that support ticket/email for questions about your domain name upgrade and/or communication with Redframe Support  for status updates during the domain process.

To submit the domain name and start the process,  in your admin: (Existing Subscribers only)domain page

  1. Click Manage in the Top Menu.
  2. Under Account Area click Manage Subscription
  3. Under  Upgrade Domain Name Only, click Add a Domain
  4. Enter your Domain Name, (example:  )  then click Continue
  5. Make sure your contact info is correct on the next page
  6. Click Submit

Once you finish this process a Support Tech will send you instructions via a support ticket on how to apply your domain name to your site within 24 hours.