Change the Copyright Name displayed in your Footer

The text displayed next to your Copyright in the Footer is the same as the Company Name setting for your Redframe website. You can change your Company Name in the Redframe Admin by:

  1. Click Appearance in the Menu Bar.
  2. Click Manage Your Website Logo.
  3. Under the Update Your Company Name area, enter your Company Name as you want it to appear in your Footer in the field below.
  4. Click the Submit Changes button below to apply your changes.


If you are not using a Logo image in your Header, changing your Company Name will update the name displayed in both your Header AND Footer!

If you are using a Logo image in your Header, then changing your Company Name will only update the Footer. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use your own Logo image in your Header.

To find out how to add a Logo image to your Header, read Upload your own Logo.