Add PDF or WORD doc’s on a Page for view/download/printing by your customer

About using PDF’s or WORD Doc’s’ with your Redframe site

You can upload both PDF’s and/or WORD documents to your Redframe site and then create a text link on any page, for your customers to access the file and view/download/print. Document link

To upload and link to a document file  (PDF or Word Doc) on a Page in your Redframe site:

  1. From the Redframe Site Editor  – navigate to the page you want to create the link (example: Home or a Info page you have created)
  2. Click the blue button “Edit this Page” in the Top Menu then click “Edit Main Page” from the drop down graphicreal time page edit main
  3. Type the text you want to use as the link  in any text area within the page
  4. Highlight the text or portion of the text you want to use as the link (example shown:here to view/download/print) by using your left click button on your mouse
  5. After you have highlighted the text that will become the link, click the ‘link’ button with the closed chain iconhighlight link
  6. Click ‘Upload a File’ button and browse for and choose the file etc you want to upload.
  7. Choose whether you would like the link to open in a new window or the same window as your Redframe site next to ‘Target’
  8. Click the Update buttonfile link
  9. Click the ‘Submit Changes’ button in the lower right corner when the editing page screen appears again.

NOTE: There is a 10mb limit per file, 50 files total limit.